Why do we like Digital Smile Design at Chesterbrook Dental Associates?

The cool thing about Digital Smile Design dentistry is the effect of a dynamic smile on someone’s life. 


What is Digital smile Design?

Digital Smile Design technology makes beautiful smiles that make a statement. It places you directly into the decision-making process. It connects your desire for a beautiful smile to technology via digital imaging and a digital workflow process.  It creates an Emotional dental experience. Digital Smile Design is a complete oro-facial treatment and results in complete satisfaction of the new self-image. 

Digital dentistry is all high tech! But we still must integrate basic science principles related to dentistry that support the mouth’s function, structure, and biology. Traditional dentistry overlooks smile design. Digital Smile Design dentistry brings the old and modern worlds of dentistry together- to fulfill comfort and aesthetic. These two create the emotional dental experience. It starts with what you want to see in your smile- and what you want other people to see.  
• It is a fantastic time in dentistry. A digital first approach underlies everything. Our procedures and protocols place you squarely in the middle of decision making for your new look. It is highly precise.

• Digital dentistry can easily be communicated between specialties. Using technology to improve the visualization of interconnected procedures so we can make more mistakes on the computer and less mistakes in the mouth

• Test drive your smile with a Motivational Mockup of your new smile. It is unique way of visualizing what the possibilities are and what may be required to achieve your new look. We take your digital information from the Motivational Mockup and copy that to your final new restorations (veneers or crowns). Essentially this is a Copy Paste dentistry. We eliminate time consuming laboratory work and expenses. 

• It is emotionally driven design that becomes the aesthetic dentistry outcome.  

• Your face Is our guide. Designing smiles involves to whole face and what is desired by our patient- a facially driven smile make over. It is designing the smile through digital information about the face, teeth, and gums, Our goal is to  begin with the end result in mind- your new smile.

What Else Can Be Done with Digital Smile Design?

Digital Bite lifts may be required for more comprehensive treatments. The digital workflow can help simplify a complex treatment to help provide comfortable bites with beautiful aesthetics.

Light Dentistry uses minimal invasive techniques for affordable transformations with the minimum of appointments. This is very conservative and easy way to beautify a smile!  We take photographs for an immediate digital smile simulation. 

Your new look with minimal appointments and maximum comfort. 

How Do I Get My New Smile?

Call and we will get you set up for an appointment to begin creating your new smile with minimal appointments and maximum comfort!


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