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FirstFit Guided Veneer Delivery System- Transform your smile in just a couple of hours! 

FirstFit veneers are the most recognized and innovative dental procedure today. The power of this new guided digital technology and digital smile design treatment planning allows you to transform your smile.

Straight and naturally whiter teeth look younger.   If you have considered veneers to reconstruct the look of your smile but are afraid of the treatment process, Dr. Fitzgerald of Chesterbrook Dental has a faster and minimally invasive option for you!  Dr. Fitzgerald and his experienced staff offer FirstFit veneers that are a fast and affordable option. Dr. Fitzgerald utilizes advanced guided digital technology and digital smile design software to prepare your teeth for FirstFit veneers. This process reduces the amount of time spent at the dentist office   associated with getting your new veneers- a perfect solution in our Covid-19 world.


What are FirstFit Veneers?

FirstFit veneers are custom-made, ceramic veneers that are made just for you using advanced digital information generated by computer-aided software. This technology allows Dr. Fitzgerald to design your veneers with the most accurate fit and function. The digital information allows Dr. Fitzgerald to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure, therefore reducing the amount of time  associate with veneer preparation. FirstFit veneers are created using high strength ceramic material and are bonded to the front of your existing teeth for the most natural, beautiful appearance.

FirstFit can improve any of the following characteristics of your teeth.


FirstFit veneers can correct existing stains caused by diet, smoking, medications, and even normal aging. Veneers are available in numerous shades, from the most natural to the brightest Hollywood white. First Fit veneers are resistant to staining, eliminating future staining, or bleaching concerns. There is a shade just for you!

Size and Shape

FirstFit veneers replace tooth structure that has been worn from grinding habits, or just may not have the shape or size you want. FirstFit veneers can be shaped and sized to create a beautiful attractive smile.

Alignment and Spacing

FirstFit veneers can close small Gaps between teeth and correct minor alignment problems.

Invisalign and FirstFit Veneers

Invisalign corrects larger orthodontic malalignments and FirstFit Guided Veneer Delivery System is the perfect way to finish a more comprehensive treatment plan and get a well-deserved beautiful smile.
Why Choose FirstFit for you?

• By using FirstFit Guided Prosthetic Delivery System and Digital Smile Design software, your teeth will be reshaped through guides to preserve the greatest possible tooth structure. More natural tooth structure means a stronger tooth.

• Preparation and delivery in one appointment!  Since tooth preparation is minimal and the veneers are prefabricated and ready to be delivered after the preparation, you have less time in our dental chair.

• FirstFit does away with wearing temporary veneers. The traditional method of making veneers requires wearing temporary plastic veneers while a laboratory would fabricate the final porcelain veneers. Now you have same day preparation and delivery. It is that simple.

• FirstFit quality fit, function and spectacular esthetics meet the most demanding patients’ expectations.

What is the process to getting your FirstFit veneers?

Perfection must be a planned event- it does take time!  You can contact our office in Berwyn, PA or fill out the assessment form on our website by clicking here to request your appointment with Dr. Fitzgerald and his caring staff.  Dr. Fitzgerald will evaluate your smile using advanced digital imagery and provide you with a tentative smile design plan. Once you approve of your plan, a second appointment will be made with Dr. Fitzgerald to perform a full comprehensive exam, take photographs and models to create a thorough treatment plan, because we do not want to overlook any concern that might affect obtaining your beautiful smile. The comprehensive treatment plan will be presented at your next appointment and then you will be appointed for your FirstFit veneers!  
Now is the time to change the way you feel about your smile by using a fast and affordable option such as FirstFit Guided Prosthetics Delivery System for your veneers. 

Contact Dr. Fitzgerald at Chesterbrook Dental today to see if FirstFit veneers are the right choice for you!




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